May. 10th, 2010

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Newcastle and back in a day. Again. I'm a tired bunny and cross that I've missed Skeptics in the Pub tonight, but I really couldn't face going out again once I'd sat down. Grumph.

It was a complicated and bitty install today, with some niggly issues to sort out, and I didn't get away until after four. At least I had a good selection of podcasts to listen to and I've actually managed to clear the backlog that built up whilst I was working my way through thirty five hours of 'Under The Dome' recently. Seven Day Sunday was back on form with the return of Sarah Millican to the team, Collins and Herring are really pushing the envelope on their Six Music show and Adam Buxton spent half of his Big Mixtape show flirting outrageously (and quite amusingly) with his guest Emmy the Great. All good fun.

I listened to Gordon Brown's resignation speech on the way back, and it felt almost anti-climactic. It's yet another twist to the game of brinkmanship that the Lib Dems are playing at the moment, and I really do hope that they get a cast iron, rock solid guarantee of electoral reform out of it. I still don't see how they could make a coalition with Labour work though - I suppose that they might be able to pass an emergency budget by appealing to the national interest but there would certainly be another election before the year is out. Perhaps that is the master plan, if they can get PR in place by then?


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