Mar. 27th, 2010

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A gloriously sunny day, and just about warm enough to go out without a coat when we went out with the dog this morning. I did a bit of work in the garden too, cutting back some of the bush that was overhanging the path, before coming in to do a bit of T175 work on queuing theory and network management.

A spot of lunch and then off to collect Alicia from Uni for the Easter hols. A very pleasant drive in the sunshine and a chance to listen to some more of 'Under The Dome' which is my current audio book from Audible, and gripping stuff it is too. Nobody writes about small town America with quite the same insight as Stephen King, and it just about makes up for the daft endings that seem to be included for contractual reasons in most of his novels.

In games news, I aced the level that I was stuck on in GeoDefense:Swarm eventually (missile turrets and lots of them), then the next one and then promptly got stuck on the last of the new medium levels - an absolute swine where the creeps are zooming round the screen at a rate of knots by the fourth or fifth wave.

I've just looked at the weather forecast and apparently we are in for a final blast of winter next week with heavy rain, snow and sub zero temperatures. Not sure I entirely approve ...


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