Mar. 14th, 2010

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thermalsatsuma: (Default)
A lovely sunny day, a bit of breeze first thing that soon dropped allowing the early spring sunshine to get to work. A walk in the woods followed by mushrooms on toast and a mug of filter coffee - smashing. I even managed to make it two weeks in a row of going down town, being tempted by a Subway club sandwich for lunch.

Last night's film was a classic bit of schlock horror from Sam Raimi - 'Drag Me to Hell'. Very much in the (jugular) vein of his early films like 'Evil Dead' et al, with a finely judged mix of horror and comedy that was perfect viewing for a Saturday night. It put me in mind of 1950s EC comics morality tale with an ambitious bank clerk foreclosing on a loan to prove how tough she is in order to win a promotion. Needless to say, she finds herself on the wrong side of a gypsy curse and being stalked by a demon aiming to drag her ... well, you get the picture. Great fun all round, I think.

In games news, I seem to have been playing rather a lot of Mr Driller on my iphone. I've got the hang of the controls now, and my record now stands at 790m for the brutally unforgiving survival mode where you get just one life in order to dig as far down as you can. I shall have to dig out (ho, ho - I am satirical) my copy of Mr Driller 2 on GBA and Drill Spirits on DS to compare and contrast.


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