Feb. 28th, 2010

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Not quiet so gray as yesterday, and even the odd moment of weak sunshine, so not a bad day weather wise really.

After my prevarication of yesterday, I knuckled down and trawled through all of the forum postings for our M150 online tutorial to write a summary and even got it to exactly 250 words with a minimal bit of editing. I printed out my submission document to proof read and then zipped it up with the two bits of code that were required for the other answers and then submitted it off into the OU ether. I'm onto the last block on both courses now, so it's just one more TMA on each of them and then the End of Course assessment (ECA).

Last night's movie was Moon, and we thoroughly enjoyed it. It harks back to the design and feel of 70s sci-fi with echos of Dark Star, Space 1999 and 2001 in the mix. The plot concerns a mining engineer coming to the end of a three year solo shift on a base on the far side of the moon with only a robot for company. He starts to see other people in the base, but is he going mad or is something stranger still afoot? This is a classic bit of science fiction as a way of exploring ideas, with nary an explosion or a talking space squid to be seen. There's also an excellent short film by the same director included as an extra on the DVD which is worth watching too.


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