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Day 12: A song that makes you want to have sex.

Teenage Kicks, famously the favourite song of the late John Peel, is an unashamed homage to those adolescent feelings of overwhelming desire. This cover version transforms the raw energy of the original into a breathy female viewpoint which certainly has the desired effect ...

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A song that reminds you of your Mother

When I was small we had an old mono record player with a handful of 7" singles to play on it, and one of them was my mum's copy of this record ...

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A song that reminds you of your father.

Not exactly a song, but I remember my dad playing me an album of Peter Sellers sketches including such gems as 'Balham - Gateway to the South' and this rather unusual version of a Beatles song ... enjoy!

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A song that reminds you of an ex. Nuff said!

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One band/singer whose popularity you will never understand.

Hmmm, a tricky prompt today. There are plenty of acts that I may not necessarily like, but I can understand the popularity of to their target audience. I am not a teeny bopper, so the oeuvre of Justin Bieber is not aimed at me, but who am I to cavil at those who do enjoy his squeaky clean auto-tuned offerings. Live and let live, I say.

However, for something that falls into the 'what the hell were they thinking' category, I present Bob Dylan's Christmas Album ... :-)
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Day 7: One band/singer you're ashamed to admit you like.

Hmmm, this does not really compute. I have a rather diverse taste in music, covering just about every genre up to and including ambient Eskimo soundscapes, and I'm not ashamed about any of it. I will happily argue the toss about the musical merits of anything I enjoy until the cows come home.

I suppose the most desperately unhip genre that I enjoy is prog rock, with Genesis being the prime example. I fully see the need that there was for the year zero of punk back in the mid 70s, but prog at its best (and worst) exhibited some superb musicianship and soaring flights of imagination and whimsy. Here's a sample:

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Favourite Band

My definition of a good band is a collection of individuals that manage to produce more than the sum of their parts when performing together. I think that Bob Wills and the Texas Playboys handily fit into this class. A diverse group of musicians, gathered around the charismatic Wills as band leader and front man, they were one of the pioneers of Western Swing drawing on influences from traditional folk, to blues and jazz, producing a catchy and engaging sound that grew to be immensely popular from the twenties and thirties right through the war years and beyond.

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Favourite female vocalist

Has to be Sarah Blackwood, originally of Dubstar and now part of Client. I love the way that she has kept her West Yorkshire accent as a perfect compliment to the electro-dance music that is her usual oeuvre. I first heard this track whilst drinking strawberry margaritas in a Tex-Mex restaurant in Edinburgh and it took me nearly the entire track to recognise that it was a cover version of an old Billy Bragg song.

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Favourite male vocalist

Unique male vocal
An angry sneer embodies
The spirit of punk
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A song that makes you want to dance

The last song that I danced to was a mix of 'Pjanoo' by Erik Prydz vs Tears For Fears 'Shout', but the bit that really makes me want to jump around was used on the trailer for 'The Ballad of Gay Tony' which you can see here.
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A song that makes you cry

John Otway may not be the world's greatest singer, but he knows how to write a heartfelt song that combines sadness and optimism in equal measure. This genuinely made me well up the first time I heard it, and it still does now
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Lots of people seem to be doing this meme, so who am I not to follow the herd ... :-)

I love this song as a classic piece of Tom Waits, and the imagery of Burma Shave being a real place that you could escape to is a marvelously effective conceit.

The full list of prompts is as follows:
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Aim of the Game: For one week, you are to post photographs taken during the day.

1. You must take between 6 and 8 new photographs per day.
2. Your WITL must be consecutive. No skipping days.
3. You must post your photographs at the end of that day, sometime after the last picture is taken.
4. Each photograph must have the time taken beneath and a title, with no other explanation.

You must post these rules at your first entry, then link back to it for the other six days so that people will know wtf you're doing.

Your post must say "A Week in the Life of [your name/username], Volume [whatever day you're on]."

PLEASE NOTE: None of these are intended to be good photos. They are quick snapshots taken in a second or two, with no preparation.

i have started mine and will post later in the day.

get snapping!!!

(H/T Elaine4Queen!)
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