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  • GTA IV miscellany - Sightseeing in Liberty Flickr photoset, Google Map of Liberty, Rockstar social club
  • The worst video game celebrity renders of all time
  • Alter Ego - an intriguing web based remake of a game that foreshadowed things like The Sims by simulating your entire life, from birth to death
  • Fold it - solve puzzles for science. Protein folding simulations usually require supercomputers to crunch all of the possible permutations - this turns the process into a collaborative game where each player contributes to solving real world problems.
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  • Top 10 Amazing Chemistry Videos (more)
  • Martian avalanche
  • Encyclopedia of Life - An ambitious project to catalogue every known species of life on Earth
  • Jill Bolte Taylor woke up one morning in 1996 and realised that she was in the process of suffering a stroke. Being a scientist, she documented her experience and gave a talk about it.
  • Filler - like all the best games, a simple concept that is well presented and very addictive
  • Battlestar Galactica explained, in 8 minutes

Let me in!

Mar. 6th, 2008 09:12 am
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Also, The Loneliness of the Long-Distance Space Traveller, Charles Darwin - Superhero and what happens when you translate the subtitles to a star wars movie into cantonese and back again.
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Jan. 21st, 2008 08:14 pm
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Jan. 13th, 2008 04:21 pm
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Travelling to Edinburgh and back in a day really knocked the stuffing out of me, and I seem to have spent most of the weekend either dozing or fighting off a cold. Bleurgh. I'm giving up debating on Ray Comfort's blog too - it really is like nailing jelly to a wall, and the Christians on there are almost all rude, aggressive and ignorant of science, history and even their own bible. In an argument about whether Anne Frank would be in hell (general consensus from that lot, yes) one even appeared to think that the Nazis were atheistic communists. Go figure.

Still, I have some links to unburden

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Well, the sun is shining and the world looks a brighter place today. Daisy is now eating with gusto again, even though Frank looked most put out when she was treated to a Felix 'As Good As It Looks' pouch while he had to make do with delicious, nutritious ash and 'moisture', otherwise known as Asda Tiger food. I've also booked my train tickets to go to Edinburgh for my Uncle's funeral on Friday - it's going to be a long day, but I would like to be there.

In other news, I have some posts to unpin from my page, so have some linkies :

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Remember how I said how tired I was after last weekend? I think I've just topped it.

It really has been one of those weeks. Monday was Daisy's appointment for her snip. I'd been really worried about it - stupidly so in fact, to the point of hardly sleeping on Sunday night - but thankfully everything went smoothly and she was fine. I think the most traumatic thing for her was not getting any breakfast in the morning, but she more than made up for it when she came home. She's been as pesky as ever this week, chasing Doris and Frank up and down the stairs on a regular basis, despite a large bald patch and Frankensteinien style stitches on her side.

Work has been intensely frustrating this week too. We need to do a mailshot to inform clients about the price increase due in April, which means sending a letter and a schedule list of their system components. The letter could have been a simple mail merge if not for the multiple schedule lines (which is possible to in Word but bloody awkward). The alternative was a database report which worked, but has limitations in the way it can be formatted that involved multiple revisions and much quibbling about which things could be formatted in bold. Did you know if you have a block of text as an embedded Word document there is no obvious way to force it to be a correct point size but rather the report designer just resizes it to fit the space? Grrr.

You may remember me linking to a while ago. I've just finished reading Accelerando By Charles Stross in bite size daily email chunks. An excellent post cyberpunk bit of sf starting in the near future and literally fast forwarding through huge technological and social change following one family over several generations. Lots of in jokes and references to pick up as well. I've just signed up for War and Peace next, in 675 instalments. Fortunately you can get the next instalment immediately by clicking on the link in the email if you want to carry on reading.

Thursday night was Alicia's parent's evening at college, and I hope it will have given her a suitable wake up call to knuckle down for her exams in January. Enough said I think.

Today was spent painting the kitchen, including the ceiling to cover up the stains from the leak in the bathroom earlier in the year. It's taken most of the day between us, including shifting things around and cleaning up afterwards, but it has definitely been worth it. Jan's done most of the actual painting and I've mostly done the other things, but it was a proper team effort. I'm snackered now, so it's time to sit down with a nice cup of freshly ground coffee and the audio-visual wallpaper of X Factor on the telly box.

While I'm at it, have some links (h/t David Thompson)

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