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As I am fond of saying, gosh, I'm tired now.

Last night saw me dozing off in front of Big Brother before toddling up to bed, on my way to the land of nod. However my plans were thwarted by Daisy the cat bringing a mowsie in and releasing it in the lounge requiring much moving of furniture and chasing around before we finally cornered it by the book case. I picked it up in a towel and released it over the fence to give it a fighting chance of escape whilst the cats had their evening noms.

Today has mostly been relocating number one daughter back to her new house in Huddersfield, which involved packing the car up with assorted tat, driving over, getting lost, finding the place, unloading said tat, driving to the local supermarket to stock up on student staples like beer and cheap pasta, driving back again to unload said food and finally driving home again.

In games news, Civilization Revolution is free in the app store today, so if you have an iPhone or iTouch you should go and download it now. Go on. I can wait. Got it? Good. In other games news, after a longish wait Echo Bazaar has added new content for levels 90 - 100, so I have been over there polishing up my dangerous skills by hunting and then getting stuck into a bit of knife and candle skull duggery. Aces.


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