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Weather : a marked improvement on yesterday, precipitation-wise and a welcome return to a sub half past eight desk and coffee office combo. Which is nice.

Hurrah for the California Supreme Court's welcome outbreak of common sense. Proposition 8 really was one of the most hateful and mealy mouthed bits of legislation ever to go before an electorate, not to mention the egregiously dishonest propaganda campaign funded to the tune of millions of dollars by an unholy alliance of far right evangelicals, sex obsessed catholics, and the Mormons from Utah. Let us not forget that the Latter Day Saints 'traditional' view of marriage is one man, many women (and preferably underage at that) for all eternity on your own personal planet. Wearing magic underpants.

The answer to these frothing bigots is that if your religion forbids same sex marriage, then don't get married to someone of the same sex. Simples. Believe what you like in the privacy of your own temple, just don't try and impose it on everybody else. Indeed, there are some churches who have no problem with same sex marriage, so it could be argued that their religious freedoms were being infringed by Prop 8 - aargh! Head assplode from logical contradictions!

I'm also puzzled by the attitude of the Tea Party crowd who argue on one hand for the rolling back of governmental interference in people's private lives, and on the other for the government to dictate who you may or may not marry. Can anyone spot the cognitive dissonance there? Perhaps they should just call themselves the "I like guns and hate gay people, and I don't want to pay no durn taxes neither" party instead.

Anyhoo, let's hope that this sets a precedent for other state legislatures across the US.

In games news, Green Day Rock Band rocks. Srsly.

Date: 2010-08-05 08:06 pm (UTC)
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>In games news, Green Day Rock Band rocks. Srsly.


Date: 2010-08-05 10:07 pm (UTC)
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I'd say the Dems could say that MA hasn't turned into a heathen cesspit in the 5 years or so we've had same-sex marriage, but I'm pretty sure there are parts of the country that wrote off MA a long time ago ;-) But seriously, if "Live free or die" NH, the crazy Libertarian uncle of New England, can adopt same-sex marriage, then any of them can!

California baffles me. They have some of the most liberal areas of the US, but get up into logging country, and they're as dyed in the wool Republicans as they come.

The problem is less the state legislatures and more if it goes to the SCOTUS. It's a *very* conservative bunch right now, and having it travel up the chain could actually do more damage than good with the current crop of judges... Let's cross our fingers that sanity prevails!


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