Aug. 12th, 2010

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  • Fry's English Delight A welcome return for this series, with an examination of the qwerty keyboard as a tool for getting our thoughts onto paper.
  • Great Lives - John Lennon It's a slightly sobering thought to realise that John Lennon would have been seventy this year. This is a fascinating retrospective look at his career, in which he was responsible for some of the most innovative music ever produced.
  • Utter Shambles Robin Ince and Josie Long are back with an interview with comics genius Alan Moore - hurrah!

Metal Man

Aug. 12th, 2010 07:01 pm
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Weather, light showers - a weather condition prone to dangerous spoonerism ...

Work was irritating, running a remote install on a customer site that ran into a lot of niggly problems, some of which were down to the correct ports on the firewalls between different bits of the system not being opened properly. On top of that a support problem that I thought had been resolved weeks ago got bounced back to me for another look, so I'll have to have a go with that tomorrow.

I thought that my recent run of decent journeys home was too good to be true, and so it proved when the traffic ground to a halt tonight. There were plenty of flashing blue lights going past on the hard shoulder and there was a fairly comprehensively crunched car when I eventually went past. At least it gave me a good chance to catch up on podcasts whilst sitting still.

Home now, and time to sort out my photo post for today.


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