Jun. 25th, 2010

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Well, the warm weather seems to have faded to a sultry gloom outside at the moment. It feels like a shower is brewing, and hopefully it will pass overnight and let the sun back out for tomorrow. We are hoping to mosey on down to Sheffield Pride tomorrow afternoon if it is nice, but we shall see.

Today has been a reasonably productive work-at-home day, with most of the things ticked off of my to-do list by half-past five. I've just mowed the lawn and done a bit of ironing, so it is now time to catch up on my games of Carcassonne and Words with Friends. Two of the games that I am playing at the moment seem to be going for monster scores and I've just racked up 113 with 'TEAPOTS' on a triple word score. Which is nice.

In religion news, I note that the Vatican is 'indignant' about police raids on their offices in Belgium looking for evidence of child abuse by church officials. Whatever happened to them pledging to co-operate fully with the police? Apparently they are concerned about the confidentiality of victims? Oh, really? Well, I think my response can be summed up thusly.

In other religion news, apparently Pakistan are going to monitoring Google in case there is anything on the internet that might be offensive to Muslims. What they intend to do about it is left as an exercise for the reader, but they have already blocked Youtube and Facebook, with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg facing a threat of a possible death penalty. Now, causing offense is the *last* thing that I want to do, but there's a word for a man who marries a six year old girl and I'll leave that as another exercise for the reader.

Anyhoo, it's Friday night which means WINE and PIZZA and BIG BROTHER and, joy of joys, a new series of the IT Crowd. Huzzah!


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