Jun. 9th, 2010

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Chilly and damp today, and cold in the office too with the air conditioning still pumping out an icy blast regardless. Brrr.

I played a bit of Alan Wake last night and it struck me just how much of a contrast to RDR it is. Where RDR has a huge open world and the freedom to go anywhere, Alan Wake is tightly focused and linear. This is not to say it is not a compelling experience, just a very different one. If RDR is a sprawling Sergio Leone western then Alan Wake is a David Lynch nightmare told in episodic chunks, full of paranoia and weirdness. I was on the run from the police last night, dodging helicopter searchlights and picking my way through the woods again, eking out a very limited supply of flash-bang grenades and torch batteries. Very scary beans.

In telly news, Big Brother is back for its final series tonight. I'm looking forward to it, although I don't tend to start really following it closely until the numbers have been thinned out a bit after a couple of evictions - that's the point when the housemates start to forget that they really are being watched all of the time and their true characters start to emerge. It really is part of the rhythm of the summer, and no matter what the snobs and detractors may say, it will be missed when it is over. I'm pleased that the live streaming is back as well - following what was happening via the webcams was one of the aspects that attracted me to the early series, back when 56K dial up was state of the art.

Anyhoo, live streaming plus twitter equals a perfect storm in my books, so BRING IT ON!


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