Jun. 3rd, 2010

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Another warm day, and all the more pleasant for being at home in my shorts rather than stuck in the office. I could get used to this.

The good news of the day was that the first episode of the Doctor Who adventure game - City of the Daleks was released early. The bad news was that it was only the Windows version, so I spent the morning bootcamping my Macbook and installing Windows plus anti-virus plus eleventy million critical patches and updates before I could use the darned thing. Jings - how do you Windows people put up with this? Snow Leopard installs in half an hour and it's not much more for Ubuntu.

Anyhoo, I can exclusively report that the game is pretty good for a freebie giveaway. It's a mix of stealth-em-up bits where you sneak past patrolling Daleks and some surprisingly tricky mini-games for various puzzles. For thems that cares about such things apparently the game forms an official part of the story line for this season, with the Daleks mucking around with time at various points in history. The graphics are not too bad for a game that will run on just about any reasonably modern PC and the sound, music and voice work is top notch. The camera controls are occasionally a bit on the shonky side, but it's not really a game for lightning fast reactions. Well worth a download, I would say.

In garden news, we went down to the little nursery near our house and stocked up on various plants to go in the gaps in the raised bed. I bought a selection of herbs for one side of the trellis, and Jan picked out some viney sort of things and some ground cover alpine plants for the other side. We're not the world's most dedicated gardeners but I have to say that it is looking lovely out there at the moment.


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