May. 27th, 2010

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Tired again, and some very disturbing dreams about being executed on a neon lit guillotine as part of a Big Brother style reality show. Not sure where that one came from! I think I must be mentally winding down to a bit of time off of work, but I've still got a trip to Newcastle to get through tomorrow when I'll be driving back on a Friday afternoon. On a bank holiday weekend. On one of the busiest roads in the UK. Oh joy.

On the way back from work I took a different route to get some petrol and noticed two unusual things. The first was as I went past a smallish roundabout and noticed that the sign for Dominoes Pizza in the middle was not just propped up but was actually being held in place by somebody sat on the grass. As unlikely jobs go, that's got to be one for the books. The second oddity was after I had paid for my petrol the attendant handed me what looked like a pair of foil wrapped condoms. On closer inspection they turned out to be collectable world cup medals, but disappointingly they were just cardboard and not a properly minted coin as I recall from petrol station giveaways of times gone by.

Red Dead Redemption continues to surprise and impress me.

I'd grown used to the dusty air of the land around the MacFarlane ranch, so the steady rain that started to fall was a blessed relief. We rode up into the hills around Hanging Rock to run a herd of wild horses up into a box canyon where we could rope them at leisure. The work took a while and as I rode back to Armadillo the sky started to brighten, with the gold of the sun breaking through the clouds showing the desert to be an unexpected green. Beautiful. Simply beautiful.


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