May. 20th, 2010

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Muggy and overcast today, and strange fever dreams last night as well - the after effects of the stomach bug, I think, combined with a session on Alan Wake before bedtime. I'm only one and a half episodes in, but the story is really intriguing me - weird flash backs and strange twists and turns, and the nightmarish sections in the woods are really very unsettling. At one point last night I reached a safe point in a pool of light and I really did not want to leave! Red Dead Redemption has turned up as well - I'd pre-ordered it a while ago and had forgotten about it, and I might try and save it until after Alan Wake. I may succumb though.

Need to get all of my OU work submished first though. The M150 final assignment is pips - just lots of fiddly java script fragments to include in the document. I was moderately surprised that part of it was looking at a bubble sort algorithm - I was always under the impression that this was such a bad example of a sorting algorithm that it wasn't even mentioned on Comp Sci courses any more. Mind you, part of the question is analysing why it is so inefficient, but there are better algorithms to look at as a starting point.

In other news, we've just been down the pub for a very acceptable pint of 'Bitter and Twisted' - smashing!

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