May. 13th, 2010

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A brighter day than yesterday, both figuratively and literally, with a good night's sleep and a sunny morning with a touch of frost disappearing in a wisp of vapour as the sunlight hit the car. Last night I had one of my gallimaufry dreams, where we had bought a house that was like something off of 'Grand Designs'. I climbed a ladder to a sort of mezzanine sleeping loft level to find shelves of rare books and unusual board games including a fantasy variant of 'Carcassonne' called 'Orcassonne'. I clearly remember saying "Wow! This is just like my dream". Strange but pleasing.

I got my last T175 TMA back with a score of 97% and some very complimentary comments from my tutor too. Which was nice.

In less good news, the boiler (see eleventy-one similar blog posts passim) started making explodey noises whenever the burner lit, which is a bit worrying, so I turned it off and logged a service call for tomorrow. So no shower this morning, but at least it's not too cold outside at the moment. Personally, I blame Nick Clegg.

In games news, I currently have an elegancy of sufficiency, including Steam on the Mac at long last with a free copy of Portal. Get in! I've played it before, but I am looking forward to giving it another whirl. If you haven't played it, then you really should treat yourself. I'm very tempted by Torchlight too, which is also on special offer at the moment. I like Steam's policy of 'buy once, play on any platform' as well. My main linux machine is not quite up to task of running Portal, but it will happily play some of the older games if I want it to.

I had a tweet message from Echo Bizarre today with news of new dream tracks and post level 80 extensions to the ambition quests. I am now on the tail of Poor Edward and the star-gazing roustabout. Excellent. Even better, Alan Wake arrived on the doormat a day early this morning as well, so that will get at least a brief airing tonight. Hurrah!


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