May. 12th, 2010

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The day didn't start particularly well.

I woke up from up disturbing dreams of some bio-chemical apocalypse merged with playing retro-games in a service station arcade and stumbled downstairs to feed the cats. Doris and Frank were both present and correct, but there was no sign of Daisy. I shouted for her and shook the food tub a few times, but with no joy. She hadn't turned up by the time I left for work and I fretted on the way until I got the welcome news that she had just sauntered in and was nomming her noms. Phew.

Work was a bitch today too, trying to get something working on a remote site for a demo using a remote desktop session that was running a greater resolution than my laptop screen necessitating a lot of irritating scrolling and resizing. My cow-orker and I ended up working through lunch before I got collared for another urgent problem that I think I managed to resolve before five.

The traffic was slow on the way home, but at least I had a cuddle with my favourite ginger kitteh to look forward to, as well as the smell of a delicious crock pot stew which will be much appreciated on a cold and miserable day like this.

I'm not quite sure what to make of our new Con-Dem overlords yet. Very welcome news on ID cards being scrapped, but I'll reserve judgement until we see what's in the emergency budget. At least we have a government in place which is better than nothing.

In games news, my appetite has been well and truly whetted by the latest two video prequel webisodes for Alan Wake which should be arriving on Friday. Fret, fret. I was also tempted by the special offer on Dragon's Lair which I've just downloaded. I remember seeing this in an arcade somewhere back in the day and marvelling at the laser disc technology which seemed to have come straight from the future, offering a fantastically animated film that you could interact with. The gameplay is as brutally unforgiving as it ever was, but it's still a steal for only 9p more than you used to have to feed into the slot for three lives.


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