May. 9th, 2010

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I seem to have been quite busy today, doing various things, but it doesn't feel like I've achieved much. A bit of OU work, a bit of prep for a trip to Newcastle for work tomorrow, a bit of washing, a bit of ironing and a walk in the late afternoon sunshine with the dog. Oh, and we fitted a new extractor fan in the bathroom which, given my general DIY ineptitude, was a little bit stressful.

Last night's movie was 'Son of Rambow'. I was expecting a bit of a lighthearted comedy with a touch of 80s nostalgia, but this film proved to have hidden depths. It concerns two boys - Will, a loner who escapes from a strict religious upbringing into fantasy worlds drawn in his notebook and Lee, perpetual trouble maker from a family that is not so much dysfunctional as completely absent. After Will (who is forbidden from watching TV) accidentally sees a pirated copy of 'Rambo : First Blood', the boys set to making their own version of the story that Lee wants to enter in a competition. With hilarious consequences? Not really, although there are laughs along the way. The film is more about understanding what it means to be an outsider and knowing who your true friends are. Worth a watch, I would say.

In games news, I found that there was a new version of Desktop Tower Defense. Hurrah! Unfortunately it is a Facebook app that irritatingly tries to get you to spam your friends and earn 'coins' (or buy them with cash money) before you can unlock all of the various towers. It's good, but I suspect that the general shonkyness of the implementation will get on my nerves in short order. I'd much rather a version of the original on iPhone, please and thank you.


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