May. 5th, 2010

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A sunny start, but overcast and still by the middle of the day. Quiet in the office too, with a lot of people out for meetings and the like.

It's the last gasp of electioneering, but we posted off our votes yesterday so there's not much to say. I suppose that some people will leave it to this point to make up their minds, but the parties will not be saying anything new and desperately avoiding making any gaffes. One figure that I will be looking out for tomorrow night is turnout - I really do hope that people make the effort to contribute to the democratic process however they cast their vote (unless it's for melty faced twat Dick, I beg your pardon, Nick Griffin).

In games news, I finally finished off Assassin's Creed II last night after ignoring it for quite a while. I hadn't realised quite how close I was to the end, which was splendidly apt. I must say that I really enjoyed headbutting the pope before kicking him in the nadgers - very cathartic! I'm not sure if I've got the enthusiasm to go back and complete all of the side missions though - there were an awful lot of them, and the assassin's tomb that I was stuck on featured a particularly irritating wall running section that I just couldn't seem to get the hang of. However, the beauty of Venice will stay with me for a long time - if I had to pick one historical era to live in, then renaissance Italy would be my preference, I think, with Tokugawa Shogunate era Japan being a close second.

I need to find another game to finish off before Alan Wake arrives though - maybe Call of Juarez, to get me in the mood for Red Dead Redemption in a couple of weeks time? Need to get cracking on my ECAs though, after taking the bank holiday weekend off of OU work.


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