May. 3rd, 2010

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Last night was an honorary Saturday night, seeing as how we were out on the official Saturday night. This entailed Doctor Who, chili chicken wings and rice to eat followed by a movie.

I'm slightly surprised that there hasn't been more comment about the second part of the Doctor Who episode, because I thought it was a bit of a cracker. It was scary enough to make me jump in places, the dialogue and character interplay zinged along (with some unexpected sauciness at the end) and the 'cracks in time' arc plot is intriguing me. River Song is an excellent character, but I really hope that she doesn't get overused - it's enough to have the hints about her future/past/whatever relationship with the Doctor without needing to see it all spelled out in mile high letters. Nuff said.

The movie last night was Paranormal Activity, which mostly lived up to the hype. It's a Blair Witch style film with a couple setting up a video camera to record the mysterious noises that they keep hearing in the night. It's well acted, doesn't outstay its welcome at 80 minutes or so, and the scares when they come are genuinely spooky, partly helped by some excellent sound design that really helps to set the unsettling mood.

Today has been a lazy day of videogames, a spot of ironing and two dog walks. Oh, and it's currently hailing outside which is pretty much typical for a British bank holiday. Lovely.


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