Apr. 25th, 2010

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I was slightly cross when I listened to the news this morning.

Apparently the Foreign Office has issued an apology to the Pope after a memo with suggestions for his visit was made public, including such ideas as Benedict condoms, visiting an AIDS ward and the blessing of a gay marriage. Apparently we have to not offend the Pope's sensibilities, even if they are bigoted and medieval.

I disagree.

If the Pope wants to espouse his views then he should face the consequences of his policies. No condoms? Tell that to people with HIV and women with unwanted pregnancies. Homosexuality is wrong? Tell that to a couple making a lifetime commitment to each other. The reputation of the Church is paramount? Tell that to the children who have been raped by priests.

Every ugly pronouncement that the Pope has made, every weaselly memo and snide condemnation should be thrown back in his face, and he should swallow every single one of them.

Oh, and while we're at it, they can install one of those wind machines underneath every podium to blow the Pope's skirts up in a Marilyn Monroe stylee every time he says something offensive. That should lend the occasion the correct air of gravitas.

In other news, I finished off my T175 TMA with an analysis of the ID card legislation and associated technology and jolly interesting it was too. Did you know that the scheme is still part of Labour's manifesto along with the claim that it will be 'self financing' - in other words, we are all going to be paying for it. Gee thanks.


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