Apr. 24th, 2010

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Warm weather, with the cats basking outside for most of the day rather than sleeping on the bed as they are normally wont to do. The woods are greening over once more and the bluebells are finally starting to appear, somewhat later than usual.

Quite a productive day, with half of my T175 TMA typed up in a presentable state and notes done for the remainder, so that shouldn't take me too long to sort out tomorrow. I do enjoy working in my study with the window open and a breeze blowing.

Last night's film was 'Faintheart' which I added to my Lovefilm list on Simon Singh's recommendation. Low budget British romantic comedies are usually a genre that fills me with more horror than the entire oeuvre of Sam Raimi, but this was a goody. Richard is a bit of a loser, he works in a DIY store stacking shelves, his son is embarrassed to be seen with him, his wife has left him, his best friend is a Star Trek geek who still lives with his mum and they both spend their weekends dressing up as Vikings as part of the 'Bloody Broadswords'. Can he rescue his marriage, earn the respect of his son and face up to his responsibilities as an adult? Well, what do you think ... This film should appeal to anyone who has ever been involved in re-enacting to any degree, or has found the worlds of fantasy preferable to the real one. Not a great movie, but it made me smile and brought a lump to my throat once or twice, and that's good enough for a Friday night in my book.

A quick recommendation as well for Coverville Episode 666 which has a suitably diabolical theme, and is worth downloading if only for the utterly awesome cover of 'Sympathy For The Devil' by the Slovenian industrialist group Laibach. Aces.


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