Apr. 2nd, 2010

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Bank holiday weekend, day one, and I started as I mean to go on with a lie in to the gloriously decadent hour of eight o'clock. Jan brought me up a lovely cup of tea and I pootled, read my book and played games on my iphone whilst drinking it. Lovely.

After taking the dog for a walk, I finished off the M150 module on security which I have really been enjoying. Lots of stuff on the history of cryptography from the Caesar cypher to the Enigma machine, DES and AES, and finally public key asymmetric encryption. I have finally managed to make sense of what SSL is actually doing too, which is nice as we have to make sure it is implemented properly with our web app at some point in the not too distant future.

After lunch we went out for a mooch around the shops, picking up some new speakers for Jamie, a bone for Barney and then spent an unfeasibly large amount of money in the supermarket (which was mainly due to me 'saving money' by buying a 1 liter bottle of Captain Morgan's Spiced Rum because it was cheaper than the 750 ml bottle - ahem). We also listened to one of the special 'Best of Earth, Wind and Fire *' Collings & Herrin podcasts for which we paid ten pounds (I paid ten pounds!). An essential purchase for any C&H fan, I would say.

Bit of a miserable rainy day on the whole, but it's a bank holiday, so who cares? The bank holiday starts here!


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