Mar. 25th, 2010

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A miserable start to the day - raining and so dark I actually had to switch the bedroom light on even after opening the curtains - but by some spring time alchemy it soon brightened up into a surprisingly warm and sunny day. We are definitely on the right side of the vernal equinox now, I think.

I think that I am finally starting to get the hang of the java development environment that we are using for our web development, at least to the point where I can see where it is getting the data from and how it is formatting it on the page. We've still got a fair amount to do, but it seems like the project manager has lined us up with another project (for the same client) that is going to take precedence. Or something. Grrrr.

On telly, we have been enjoying seeing Rhod Gilbert taking on various low paid and under-appreciated jobs including being a bin man, a mother of seven and in last night's episode hair dresser. Quite insightful, as well as amusing, and not quite as rose tinted as these sort of celebrities in unexpected jobs sort of programmes usually are. Worth a watch, I'd say.

In games news, the purchase of the additional levels for GeoDefense:Swarm is proving to be excellent value for fifty nine of your Earth pence, and I can exclusively report that I am stuck on one of the medium levels (oh, the shame!). It should be a fairly straightforward one, with only three tower types to choose from and no obvious alternatives for the configuration to put them in, so it must be down to the order that you upgrade them in. Hmmm, I'm going to play it again now, I think.


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