Mar. 17th, 2010

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A grayish day, and noisy in the office too with the sound of the gasometer filling up across the road persisting for most of the morning.

A frustrating day workwise, testing a build that I am due to take on site tomorrow. It was running fine on my laptop and also on the other developer's pc, but it kept failing on the test server. We spent hours tracing it through until we pinned it down to a fecking IIS configuration problem. There seems to be neither rhyme nor reason to setting up Microsoft products, and yet we insist on using them. Bah.

I didn't leave the office till well after six, but at least the traffic was comparatively light at that time so I was home before seven. Not too bad, really, but I've got an early start in the morning. On the bright side I have a playlist full of podcasts to listen to and if I finish those I've just got the audiobook of the new Stephen King novel from off of Audible which weighs in at thirty odd hours of listening time.

Please take it as read that I am grumpy about the catholic church's shameful behaviour, the ludicrous digital economy bill that is being shoehorned through parliament and the woo merchants who are still trying to push their sugar pills turn out to have the backing of a homophobic, anti-abortion group with a liberal (hah!) mp Tim Farron as their figurehead.


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