Mar. 11th, 2010

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When Adolf Hitler adopted the toothbrush moustache as his preferred style, he ensured that this humble bit of facial hair would henceforth be inextricably linked with fascism - it was possibly the worst thing that he ever did. This show is Richard Herring's attempt to reclaim the Hitler moustache for comedy, pointing out that Charlie Chaplin was the first to popularise it, and also the first to use it as a weapon of satire in his film 'The Great Dictator'.

Herring explores the origins of racism, and also relates his experiences of wearing the eponymous tache when he faced a very real fear of being attacked or abused purely on the grounds of his physical appearance. In the end the reaction of most people is either to ignore the moustache or openly laugh at it, which is no bad thing really. One of the funniest sections in the show is Herring's experience of being mugged for his iPhone and then wondering exactly why the police were so keen to help a man with a Hitler moustache.

The second half of the show moves into more explicitly political territory when Herring looks at the recent political success of the BNP which they enjoyed purely because over 50% of people simply couldn't be bothered to vote in the last European election. He demolishes the facile and lazy excuses that people have used to avoid the not exactly onerous task of going to your local polling station every couple of years to put a tick on a ballot paper. We should both laugh at the simple minded racism of Dick, I mean Nick Griffin and then make sure we vote for anyone except the one eyed, melty faced twat.

Perceptive, clever and very funny.


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