Mar. 8th, 2010

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The thermometer dipped to minus six this morning but the temperature quickly picked up as the sun rose, making the morning task of defrosting the car easier than it has been recently. Need I also add that, monsieur - with these blue skies you are spoiling us!

There was quite a buzz about the Oscars on Twitter last night and on breakfast telly this morning, with breathless live reporting from the red carpet but I don't really see why they are such a big deal, comparatively speaking. Is cinema (and, let's be honest - this is mainstream Hollywood cinema with only the briefest nod to anything made outside of Tinseltown) really the most important art-form in the world today? In terms of commercial returns, the videogame industry left cinema standing quite some time ago, but even then, surely art is not judged purely on how much money it makes?

I can see how technical awards may be decided by people who can appreciate the work involved but with something like the award for best picture, what sort of objective criteria could be used to choose between the diverse offerings on the short list. The acting awards have an air of 'buggins turn' to them, so that if an actor keeps at it for long enough they end up with something to go on their mantelpiece, even if it is only a 'Lifetime Achievement' (or the 'blimey - didn't even know they were still alive') award.


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