Feb. 25th, 2010

The Raven

Feb. 25th, 2010 06:23 pm
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Foggy again this morning, but at least the temperature was on the right side of zero for a change. Journey time today was equivalent to a Perfect Ten (a very welcome and most amusing return).

Work has been busy with the main release finally out of the door and the problem that I was having traced to an obscure bit of code for threading processes. It wasn't manifesting on my steam powered laptop but when the QA team were looking at it the threaded process was running and completing successfully but actually vanishing before the status on the calling window could update itself correctly. Or something. At least there is only one customer using this and their processes will be running on honkingly huge databases which will take slightly longer to complete than on our test systems, so it is unlikely to occur for them.

A bit more frustration in the afternoon when I was supposed to be remote desktopping to a customer site to look at some issues, but the helpdesk took two hours to enable my log in and then when I finally connected they were doing server updates so I couldn't actually get to the areas that I needed to see. Grumph.

I'm feeling a bit run down at the moment. I actually fell asleep in front of the telly for the first time in what seems like ages last night, and I was aching and feeling shivery when I woke up this morning. The muscular twitch in my right hand seems to be back as well, which is most irritating when I am typing. Not good.

In more positive news, I've just finished a nailbitingly close game of Words with Friends with blackvelvet73. The early game saw some big gambles and high scoring words, and then the end saw the lead swapping hands several times as we infilled words until I clinched it with 'erg' on my last three letters. W00t!

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