Feb. 13th, 2010

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Another grey day, chilly and with rain setting in as the dusk fell (perfectly timed for dog walking time). At least I now have my main Lumie light again which has really does turn my study into the equivalent of a bright sunny day.

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I've finished my T175 TMA apart from the section where I need to include feedback from other members of the tutor group about my learning objectives. Bit tricky when there's only me and one other person who have posted on the tutorial in the last two weeks. I also got a question done for my next M150 TMA too. It was all about spotting bugs in bits of Javascript which is fiddly, but not over tricky. The two remaining questions should be fun though, and I'll have a go at them tomorrow.

In games news, I noticed that Mr Driller was on sale in the app store for Valentine's day. As Jan pointed out, it's a bit of an odd gift for your sweetheart, really.

Roses are red,
violets are blue,
my top score is 214315,
how about you?

Still, it's a classic game and worth a punt. It's not quite as easy to control with the touch screen but it does the job. I still think that Mr Driller 2 on the GBA is the definitive version, but this is pretty decent for the money and you can't beat the combination of strategic puzzling and quick thinking manoeuvrings.
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New single out soon!
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Answers in Genesis (those well known Christian wackaloons who think that the Earth is 6000 years old and that dinosaurs had saddles) have a iPhone app out. Unfortunately it has been classed as being 'education'. You might like to download it and post a review to set the record straight ...


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