Feb. 11th, 2010

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Another cold, but brilliantly clear, morning with a dusting of snow for added crispness. Lovely.

An oddly disturbed night last night though, with strange dreams of an evil looking Gordon Brown wielding a cutlass (badly) and an interlude where I woke up convinced that one or more of the cats had snucked into the bedroom and were either on top of the wardrobe or on the chair in the corner. Perhaps I have been spending too much time brooding about the mystery of the Starveling Cat in Echo Bazaar? Either that, or it was the section on 'Zoo Vet At Large' from off of Sky 3 that we watched whilst eating tea last night where our eponymous hero was rescuing a colony of feral (but very cute) kittehs from a derelict house, in between stunning a polar bear and re-hoofing a zebra.

The Starveling Cat!
The Starveling Cat!
Beats up mowsies with a baseball bat!

We finally finished the box set of 'Time Gentlemen Please' last night, leaving me feeling oddly bereft. It really is one of the great unsung British sitcoms of recent years and at 37 episodes is one of the more prolific as well. I think it was Richard Herring's attempt to write a US style sitcom, with the subtle difference being that they normally have large teams of writers working on them, rather than just one or two. No wonder it nearly sent him round the twist. Highly recommended, particularly if you can pick up the box set cheaply, or if not then it is probably on YouTube somewhere.

I know I've mentioned this before in various places, but if you haven't done so already could I please ask you to sign the petition at libelreform.org and leave me a note if you do - I'd like to get at least ten of you to sign up, if at all possible. For internet petitions to have any sort of effect they need to have both high profile signatories and also a respectable number of the general public behind them, and in the words of Mr Tesco, every little helps. This really is an issue that affects us all - if journalists, bloggers and scientists are discouraged from speaking out
on issues of public health or public interest then we are all potentially at risk from unscrupulous corporations, charlatans and mountebanks.
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Fantastically inventive music video - this made me smile today.


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