Feb. 8th, 2010

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So, the threatened snow turned out to nothing more than a half hearted dusting with a few desultory flakes. I know that I should stop paying attention to the five day forecast as it invariably changes by the time that the fifth day in the future rolls around, but you might expect the forecast for the next twenty four hours to be reasonably accurate. Still flipping cold though, and grey and overcast with it.

A bit of a disturbed night last night with strange melancholy dreams, including one that I think would make an interesting short story about time loops and altered mental states, if I can think of a way to structure it that doesn't turn it into something like Quantum Leap. I have a title for it though, "Getting Straight" which I shall record for posterity. Aching bones again this morning too, although last week's threatened bug seems to have retreated.

Some interesting twists on Being Human last night, although it still seems to be three different stories that are only tangentially related, with the vampire Mitchell's easily being the most interesting, with a ninety year back story to explore. I'll stick with it though, which makes it the only current drama that I am following at the moment. Time Gentlemen Please continues to be excellent fun, although we are on the last disc of that, and then we have the Peter Serafinowicz DVD which seems to have been purchased by just about everybody on Twitter.

Sheffield Skeptics at the Pub was another excellent night of thought provoking stuff, with Simon Singh talking about the evidence for and against alt-medicine and making a very strong case for libel reform. Even better I got to meet both Three Legged Cat and Incurable Hippie in person for the first time which was aces!


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