Feb. 6th, 2010

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I woke up at six this morning, considered getting up to make a cup of tea and promptly nodded off again until the postman rang (once) with a parcel that wouldn't fit through the letter box. Another cold, damp and misty day, but I wasn't planning on going anywhere other than out for the two statutory dog walks.

M150 work today, and back to unit 8 with more java stuff to play with. Good fun and I've now done everything I need to do to finish off TMA 03, so I'll probably do that tomorrow. There are two optional units as well and I've got plenty of time to do those too over the next couple of weeks before we start on the final block. We've also kicked off an interesting debate on wildness and emergent behaviours in city environments on the tutor group forum, so hopefully more people will get involved in that.

In games news, I downloaded Lion Pride for iPhone which was going free (and still will be if you hurry, I imagine). It's a Savannah based hunt-em-up with an interesting twist on the line drawing genre which involves directing your pride of lions to sneak up on various animals and then pounce to eat them. It starts off fairly simply but soon ramps up the complexity when you have to co-ordinate attacks to bring down the larger beasts such as zebras and wildebeest, all the way up to elephants. Worth a download, I'd say.

We're currently half way through watching X-Men Origins : Wolverine which is enormously silly, but something of a guilty pleasure for a bit of mindless blood and thunder viewing. It strikes me that it would make a good drinking game with shots for every time you see Huge Jackman's lovely manly chest, or he howls at the sky, or walks away from an explosion.


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