Jan. 31st, 2010

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We were on the telly!
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I was aching this morning, although I suspect that that has more to do with walking round Leeds yesterday than any lingering side effects of my arsenic overdose. Still, I soon perked up after a walk in the woods and mushrooms on crumpets for breakfast. Yum.

The rest of the day was spent working on a TMA question for T175 which conveniently enough asked me to compare and contrast coverage of a news event between traditional broadcast media and the internet. It just so happens that the ten23 event yesterday fitted the bill nicely and I was even able to include the actual tv news report that I was analysing by copying it off my trusty Topfield and converting it to mpg format to go on Youtube.

I was thinking this afternoon that this sort of protest, and other twitter storms and flash mobs, simply wouldn't have had the same impact even as recently as a couple of years ago. By being able to upload easily available pictures and videos while something is actually happening the news can spread a lot faster than if you have to wait for half a day to see maybe 30 seconds worth of tv coverage on the local news.

I am really enjoying the convergence between my academic studies and things that are actually relevant to current events right now.
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The alternative view


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