Jan. 27th, 2010

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According to the weather station it was theoretically a bit warmer this morning, but it still didn't feel like it when I went outside into the morning gloom, with a chill wind blowing and a threat of rain.

It felt cold in the office too, even though all of the radiators were on, and my fingers started seizing up until I wrapped them around a mug of hot coffee. I was even tempted to get a cheese and onion pasty from the pasty van when he tootled his horn, but I thought twice when somebody told me that they are 600 calories and 32 grams of fat apiece. My consumption of said comestibles probably didn't help with my weight gain last year, so I resisted today and had a bit of fruit instead.

Work was mainly tracking down some very strange behaviour in our web app that turned out to be data in the wrong format, going back several years to a conversion of the database from an earlier incarnation. Slightly disconcerting when default documents for things like FAQs come back with something else entirely.

In common with just about everybody else on the internet, I've been following the launch of the iPad. Very nice, particularly the reported ten hour battery life. I'd like to get my hands on one to try it, and I suspect that I would probably wait until version 2.0 before buying, but it does look very shiny indeed. I don't think it would ever replace my iPhone as number one gadget though - that really does have everything I need in the perfect portable form factor.


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