Jan. 15th, 2010

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Friday, and a cold, misty and wet one to boot as a persistent rain started to make some headway into melting the snow.

The day started with a bit of a shock. I'd set the alarm a bit later for my usual work-at-home Friday and I was half awake waiting for the clock to click onto seven. There was a ring on the doorbell and I stumbled downstairs in the dark with my heart pounding. I'd watched one of those Police Camera Action type programmes a couple of days before and one of the themes was about coppers going to people's houses to break bad news to them. Fortunately it just turned out to be a delivery man with some replacement bulbs for my Lumie box, but seven in the morning is a touch on the early side, I think.

The bulbs turned out not to be the cause of the problem with the box, so we'll have to send the whole thing back to be fixed which is a bit of a pain. I really rely on my light, and it's a good job I've got my spare one.

Work has been productive with the problem from yesterday being fixorized which should earn me some brownie points, and I knocked off a couple of other things on the list too. I did the last bit on my M150 TMA which seems to have taken quite a long time, with a lot of bitty questions and sample code to write. Mind you, I'm well on schedule, so I can get on with the T175 stuff tomorrow and then submit the TMA on Sunday.

In Echo Bazaar news, there was another twist in the tale. I have been mostly concentrating on shadowy pursuits such as casing stately homes and burglarizing jewelery shops and I hadn't realised that my activities were raising the suspicions of the constabulary. Eventually I had my spider-silk collar felt by the long arm of the law and it was off to chokey in Newgate Prison for me. Fortunately a combination of alibis from some of my accomplices, a bribe of a couple of cases of Greyfields 1882 and a letter from my lawyer sprung me from the nick, eventually.

Friday night approacheth!


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