Jan. 9th, 2010

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This looks superb
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It's too cold to go out and catch mowsies so I caughted one i... on Twitpic

... so I caughted one inside instead
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Or more accurately, at home on the sofa with my feet up.

We've just been out with the dog, twice round the field through the deep snow, and then back home to brush the fresh snow off of the drive, and that's enough to leave my muscles quivering thank you very much.

It's been a productive day on OU work, all told. In lieu of the study day we had a javascript quiz and several examples of code to produce. As with any language, it's just a case of getting the hang of the syntax and it's not all that different from other stuff that I've done before.

In the afternoon we had an online tutorial which I eventually had to resort to booting into Windows to run. Apparently the version that the OU use is not compatible with Snow Leopard for some reason. I also couldn't get my microphone working but that could be because it's been stuck in a draw with all of my spare cables for several years. Only one other person made it to the tutorial (~waves~ at Saz!) but it was still useful with plenty of tips on the style of code that the TMA will be looking for.

In other news, I have finally collected a full set of snowman furniture in Animal Crossing (phear my l33t snowman making skillz) so that should up my Happy Room score tomorrow. I've also made considerable progress in Echo Bazaar with my shadowy skills reaching level 25 at the cost of suffering nightmares which are apparently starting to become dangerous. I will have to seek out some laudanum to sooth my shattered nerves ...


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