Jan. 1st, 2010

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I felt strangely discombobulated last night.

I think it was probably the combination of being tired, having a little too much to drink and a veritable barrage of party poppers going off at the midnight hour, but it all made me strangely anxious and out of sorts. I think that I lasted a bit longer before toddling off to bed at half past twelve or so.

I was still feeling a bit wobbly in the morning, but I perked up after a bracing walk in the frosty woods and a coffee. I noticed that Runkeeper had been updated and now seems a little better at picking up the GPS location without having to switch the wifi off first. The trade off is that it doesn't display the route on the map now, but that's no real loss as it still updates it to the website automagically.

Today I have mostly been assassinating people.

I finished a few more story missions and unlocked one of the Assassin's Tombs which required a somewhat different approach to the usual running over rooftops style of gameplay, and was a very welcome diversion. I've upgraded all of the various bits of my villa as well, and I've also bought myself a fine art collection, so I now have a very handy regular income on top of all the money I get from fulfilling the assassination contracts. I'm still in Florence, which is the first major city, but as with GTAIV I'm happy to eke out the main story with completing side missions to make the game last.

Two hours to Doctor Who time, and counting!


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